DLSU-D’s CJD launches Journalists’ Safety campaign for COMPACT 2017

Cavite, Philippines—De La Salle University-Dasmariñas’ (DLSU-D) Communication and Journalism Department (CJD) launched its Journalists’ Safety Education campaign to fight and end impunity and crimes against journalists through a month-long program entitled “Communication Impact 2017” or “COMPACT 2017” starting from November 2 to December 1, 2017.

November 14 marked the day of the official opening of COMPACT 2017 with the theme to #EndImpunity and #StartSafety. The launch kicked off with a ribbon cutting ceremony led by the CJD Chair Artin Umali and General Services Office (GSO) Director Edwin Bunag.

In the COMPACT 2017 press conference attended by Umali and CJD faculty and project heads Aurora Balibay, Nornelyn Cachuela, and Marissa Balidoy, Umali explained that the campaign marks the beginning of Journalists’ Safety Education to be implemented in the new curriculum.

“The Journalists’ Safety Education is a project of the department [Communication and Journalism] in accordance to the new curriculum on 2018,” said Umali, adding that the project is an advocacy of CJD.



The theme for this year’s COMPACT program focuses on ensuring the safety of journalists in the field and putting an end to impunity, which corresponds with the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists on November 2 by United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

“We [the Philippines] are the inspiration for the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists because so many journalists in one incident died,” noted Balibay in reference to the Maguindanao Massacre that resulted in the death of 37 journalists on November 23, 2009.


When asked to expound on the new curriculum of CJD’s Communication Arts and Broadcast Journalism students to include Journalists’ Safety Education, Balibay stated, “We want to present CJD as a champion in the safety of journalism advocacy, including the safety education subject on the new curriculum in 2018 to make sure that the future journalists (students) will be knowledgeable and equipped for the future.”

Meanwhile, Balidoy added that the campaign and the revised curriculum is aims “to keep you with basic knowledge on how you can keep yourself safe during dangerous news coverage.”

DLSU-D will be the first university to teach safety on journalism once the new curriculum will be implemented, as confirmed by Cachuela.

 ‘Emerge and See’

CJD faculty member and DLSU-D University Advancement Office Director (UAO) Marco Polo along with 4th year Communication Arts student Ron Angelo Pineda and the 4th year Public Relations students launched their crisis and disaster management exhibits located at JFH hallways entitled, “Emerge and See,” which currently displays six different specialized emergency kits in cases of: typhoons or floods, earthquakes, fires, food poisoning, survival scenarios and other emergency situations.

Polo explained that the exhibits serve as a tool “in accordance to the campaign of National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC), which is to spread awareness and be ready and resilient for disasters and emergencies for “#SafeDLSUD” as part of our PR Campaign.”


COMPACT 2017 events

Other events lined up for COMPACT 2017 include the Lasallian NEWS-EUM: 21 years in the making, an exhibit of CJD alumni who are currently reporters in the media industry; Wall of Liberty: Freedom of the Press, a freedom wall in support of journalists; and the DIY Journalist Safety Gear Fashion Expo 2017, an annual gathering of CJD students. Both events occurred yesterday, November 14.


On November 22, a university-wide seminar is scheduled to take place to focus on disaster preparedness. Following this, the Journalism and Safety Forum and 8th Commemoration of Maguindanao Massacre: #8YearsNoJustice will be held on November 23 at Tanghalang Julian Felipe (TJF) and JFH grounds, respectively.

The last day of COMPACT DAYS 2017 on December 1 will consist of COMQUEST: Amazing Race, a contest on journalism safety and preparedness to be held at JFH grounds; Bigkas 2.0, a spoken poetry competition at TJF; and Journalism and Safety play, a stage play presented by CJD students and written by CJD faculty Rosanni Sarile.

For more information and updates on COMPACT 2017, you may visit their official website at dlsud.cjd.wordpress.com, their Facebook page at facebook.com/dludcjd, or their twitter account, @dlsudcjd.





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