Women Refuse to Stay Silent on the Sexual Misconduct of Local Indie Bands

“There is a global epidemic of violence against women — both within conflict zones and within societies at peace — and it is still treated as a lesser crime and lower priority. We need policies for long-term security that are designed by women, focused on women, executed by women — not at the expense of men, or instead of men, but alongside and with men.” -Natalie Portman

Society keeps on evolving as time passes by and although there are a lot of advocacies that have been recognized to empower women, they are still victims of different forms of harassment, sexual attack and oppression. It is only recently that issues about sexual harassment and assault by local indie bands made a social media buzz after some women who were allegedly harassed voiced out their traumatic experiences on Twitter when user, @_tapsilog’s thread of tweets on her traumatic experiences with the local indie bands went viral online.

Adrienne Onday, a student from University of the Philippines, started a Twitter thread talking about the misconduct of some of the local indie band members using a twitter account with the username, @_tapsilog.


INFOGPhoto courtesy of infog.looloo.com

Out of the 16 tweets from @_tapsilog’s thread about the anonymous experiences from the local indie bands, 7 of them were about SUD, 4 were about Jensen and The Flips, 2 were about MilesExperience, and Fairwell Fair Weather, And Bandang Shirley, and Paranoid City were each mentioned at least once.

These said thread of tweets by @_tapsilog gained a lot of netizen reaction and encouraged some women to also speak up and share one of their nightmares experienced from the local indie bands. These were some of the tweets and reactions of the netizens after the issue took the internet by storm.


A thread of tweet from @bizzledessy sharing her distressing experience with the local indie band on Twitter.

The thread of tweets made by @_tapsilog gained a lot of audience reach which encouraged other women to share and speak up just like what she did. Many of these women who were victimized by the alleged sexual predators of some local indie band members have grown the courage to share their own nightmares to Adrienne through Twitter’s direct messaging.


Some of the netizens reactions from the thread of tweets by @_tapsilog on Twitter.







With these recurring issues that have unboxed and revealed online, the culture of silence on sexual harassment has been broken as these women have stood up and spoken out to empower others who have been through the same situation and collectively worked together to fight against misogyny and sexism to stop these sexual predators from picking another victim.


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